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Most of our facials can be customized for any skin type. Just a few, have specific products designed for that treatment. Please let your esthetician know if you have any allergies or preferences about your service.

We offer free consultations for clients who want advice on skincare products. Please call to schedule.

Deep Tissue Massages are different from Firm Pressure. Deep Tissue is applied in an area of concern, where as Firm Pressure can be applied throughout the massage. You can discuss the options with your therapist during the consultation and change the massage type if needed.

We use quality, low temperature wax for all waxing services. People have different reactions to waxing, because we all have different levels of toleration for it. It can be uncomfortable, it can leave your skin irritated and it's not for everyone but we will do our best to make it the best experience possible. Please see our waxing tips for more information.

Online Booking~
Appointments are set up in 60 minute blocks to help maximize the schedule. If you cannot find the time slot or provider within a reasonable time frame, feel free to call us and allow us to assist you with scheduling your appointment.512-332-2600
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