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Our therapists will personalize your massage therapy session just for you. They may incorporate different massage modalities to meet your needs. Some of our most popular types of massage are Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone & Prenatal Massage.

Massage Services

Couples Massage Package

75 minutes - $320

90 minutes - $370

Relax together with a couples massage in Bastrop, Texas! It's the perfect spa escape for couples, besties, sisters & more. All couples are welcome. This package is 75 minutes with two Massage Therapists who work on each person at the same time in our duet room. We will customize each full-body massage based on your individual needs. The Package includes: aromatherapy, hot towels, back buff (exfoliating gloves on the back) And chocolates from Bastrop's local Sugar Shack. A glass of white wine or hot tea is complementary before the session. Please call to book! Deposit required.

Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $165

Hot Stone massage therapists strategically place smooth stones to relax the client, warm the tissues and increase therapeutic benefits. The stones are placed in strategic locations around the body and are incorporated in the massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - $105        75 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $150        120 minutes - $200

A fusion between Swedish massage & structural massage, Deep Tissue Massage relieves aches and pains that are stored in the deepest parts of the muscles. Deep massage therapy features firm pressure and long, slow strokes to reach the deepest layers of muscle, tendons, and fascia. These are the protective layers of connective tissue that surround our muscles, joints, and bones. It is perfect for working out the muscle knots while alleviating stubborn tension and soreness. Also, deeper massage is beneficial for chronic aches and pains in the upper and lower back, shoulders, legs, & neck. Includes hot towels.

Island Therapy Massage

75 minutes - $150     

Island Therapy is a wonderful escape to paradise with the amazing aroma of noni. This massage includes aromatherapy, a back buff, and a warm cocoa butter hand hydration for an ultimate spa experience.

Lymphatic Drainage

75 minutes - $145

90 minutes - $165

The lymphatic system is designed to eliminate waste from the body. However, lymphedema will occur when fluid, cellular wastes, and toxins build up in the lymphatic system, often due to surgery or other damage. Lymphatic drainage massage will help stimulate lymph and drain these wastes and toxins from the body. Lymphatic drainage massage benefits include enhancing skin health, relieving stress and tension, strengthening the immune system, improving breastfeeding, and benefiting those with edema.

Prenatal Massage

75 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $165  

Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Although doctors frequently refer pregnant clients for massage, we recommend checking with yours before scheduling a massage.

Relaxation Massage

60 minutes - $90           75 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $135        120 minutes - $180

Prepare to be pampered, Bastrop! Swedish massage is a luxurious massage technique that melts the muscles and the mind. The best-known and most popular type of massage, Swedish massage therapy features long fluid strokes with varying levels of pressure to relax the entire body. Experience hands-down the best Swedish massage in Bastrop County! Hot towels included.

Sakura Massage & Facial Therapy

60 minutes - $135

Indulge in a back, shoulder and scalp massage and enjoy a relaxing facial with natural products. You will be treated to exotic aromas and glowing skin. Hot towels included.

Tension Tamer Scalp, Neck & Shoudlers

30 minutes - $65

Focus massage on relieving tension held in the head, neck and shoulders. Enjoy aromatherapy for headache relief and hot towels.

Panda Paws Foot Massage

30 minutes - $65

Panda Paws is an amazing foot massage with aromatherapy, a scalp massage and a foot scrub with hot towels.

Add an Enhancement to your massage experience!

Sugar Scrub for the Back - 25

Aromatherapy - 8

Hydrating Hand or Foot Treatment - 15

CBD - 25

Biomat Session - 20

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