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Regular Massage Therapy

Sessions offer many benefits.


~Relieves stress

~Promotes relaxation

~Improves circulation

~Reduces anxiety

~Strengthens the immune system

~Improves flexibility

~Lowers blood pressure

~Improves posture

~Assists in pain management

~Improves range of motion

Massage Services


Our therapists will personalize your massage therapy session just for you.

They may incorporate different massage modalities to meet your needs.

Some of the most popular types of massage are Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone and Prenatal Massage.


Relaxation Massage 

60 minutes $90                             

90 minutes $135

Deep Tissue Massage 

60 minutes $105

90 minutes $150

Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes $135

90 minutes $165

Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes $105

90 minutes $150

Prenatal Massage (only after 1st trimester)

75 minutes $135

90 minutes $165 

Sakura Massage and Facial Therapy

Indulge in both a back massage and a gentle facial in one session. You will be treated to exotic aromas and healthy skincare. The service also comes with

your choice of scalp or foot massage. 135

Panda Paws is a wonderful massage service with the focus on the feet. It is 30

minutes and includes some nice complimentary enhancements such as a sugar scrub, a warm neck wrap and aromatherapy. 65

Tension Tamer is new! All the focus is on the neck, head and shoulders. Complimentary enhancements are included! 65

Massage Service Enhancements:

Add an enhancement to your experience:


Amazing Scalp Massage 20
Sugar Scrub for the Back 25

Aromatherapy 8

Hydrating Hand or Foot Treatment 15

CBD 25

Biomat Session 20

                                        * * * Helpful Tips * * *



We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment

to complete a massage intake form.

Your massage therapist will review and discuss it with you before the massage.

You will be told to undress to your level of comfort and to get on the massage table, between the sheets. It is very difficult to massage a fully clothed person

but can be done if it is your preference.

Most people undress completely and others may leave on their underclothes.

Massage therapists are trained to drape their clients with a sheet

and clients are never fully exposed.




Massage therapists will check in with you regarding pressure

and may ask questions pertaining to your service.

Please communicate your preferences at any time during the massage.

Some clients prefer to relax quietly and others prefer to talk during their sessions. Our therapists will follow your lead.



About Our Massage Therapists


Our massage therapists are professionally educated

and meet all state and local licensing requirements but may vary in certifications such as pregnancy massage or hot stone therapy.

All conduct is of a professional nature. 

Prices subject to change without notice.
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