Brow Shape by Hand

recommended for clients

with sensitive skin,

using retinol

or undergoing laser treatments.



the following to make your eyes really pop.


Lash Lift $80


Lash Tint  $35

Brow Tint  $20




Face & Body Waxing

Eyebrow      $20


Lip                $15


Chin              $15


Full Face      $40


Bikini            $35


Betweenie    $45


Brazilian       $65


Arms Half     $35


Arms Full      $45


Legs Half      $45


Legs Full       $75


Back             $65


We want you to have the optimal waxing experience.

The following waxing tips will help you

to schedule and prepare for your appointment.





Some people have found that taking a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to the appointment may help to minimize discomfort.

Limit caffeine and alcohol intake as the stimulation can make waxing slightly more uncomfortable.

Ladies should know that waxing near the menstrual cycle can be more uncomfortable so keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment. Ideally you should schedule for 2 weeks after your last cycle.



Avoid sun exposure 24 hours prior and post waxing. We cannot wax sunburned skin.

Cleanliness is appreciated but please avoid using lotions or oils prior to waxing.

Please refrain from activities that increase the body temperature prior to your appointment. An overheated or perspiring body prevents the wax from cooling correctly.

Bikini and Brazillian  waxing should have hair that is 1/4" long. Shorter hair may require additional time and tweezing.

Trimming prior to the appointment may be necessary for first time waxers or if it has been over 4 weeks since the last wax.  Shaving requires 2 weeks of regrowth prior to waxing.

Accutane users must wait a year prior to waxing. Another option to waxing is a brow shape by hand.

Brow waxing clients should  discontinuing use of Retin A, Retinols, Differin, Alphahydroxy Acids, Glycolics and  any blood thinning products 72 hours prior and post waxing. 


Our Sanitation Policy

Clean nonlatex disposable  gloves are worn during all waxings.

All spatulas are discarded after every use and are never redipped into the wax.

Clients change privately into a clean waxing gown for Brazilian and Bikini services.

 A  disposable panty is available for Bikini waxes.