Pure Radiance Lift

Focuses on renewing your skin so that it looks healthy and glowing. After exfoliating and mega hydrating, microcurrent is used for that firm and lifted look. This facial is excellent for skin that needs a boost or for preparing for a special event. 

75 minutes $175

Timeless Facial

Our Timeless Facial is an hour and a half of pure bliss and it is customized for your skin type and skin condition. This facial includes exfoliation, extractions, facial, hand and arm massage, micro-current to firm and lift, and an amazing lineup of products. You relax while we massage away the tension to reveal a more youthful you. Relaxing facial muscles and releasing tight fascia allows the face to return to a more youthful look. Your skin will be refreshed and glowing and your spirit renewed. Please call to schedule this facial. It is not available through online booking.  90 minutes $185

Meridian Sculpting Facial​

The Meridian Sculpting Facial that visibly rejuvenates the skin and promotes wellness by diminishing signs of aging, stress and energy imbalance. Using a jade gua sha stone, this extraordinary facial treatment is designed to sculpt facial contours, and ease chronic inflammation, move lymph all while blossoming aromas slowly unfold to stimulate the senses and calm the mind and mood.  60 minutes $150

Cherry Blossoms Relaxation Sensation

Step into your oasis of relaxation. Slide between our high quality sheets on our ultra comfortable beds. Enjoy your Revitalizing facial as we renew the skin with exfoliation and nourish it with our results oriented products.A facial, arm, hand, shoulder and foot massage are included as well. We top it all off with a cooling eye treatment. Your skin and spirit will be renewed.  75 minutes $130


Minus Ten Facial​

The Minus 10 Facial is designed to Firm & Tone the skin and leaves it with a luminous glow. This facial uses a combination of ingredients that deliver amazing results. The ingredient highlights follow but there are many other amazing products in this facial. The Cherry Jubilee and Papaya Tangerine Enzymes are wonderful for exfoliating and brightening the skin. The Mandelic Arginine Peel assists the skin with cellular repair and antioxidant support. The Hibiscus Peel is a skin rejuvenator and the Apple Wine Peel is for firming and toning. This facial is excellent for all skin types and even though there are multiple peel products, this is not a peel, and at most, a small amount of flaking may occur.  75 minutes $165

Age Defying Facial

Our focus on anti-aging results can improve skin tone,  fine lines, firmness and add a healthy glow. Our exclusive use of the Saian micro-current and galvanic system, results in a  lifting and sculpting effect to the face and neck. This facial includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, micro-current. warm towels, and customized masks.  Includes facial, hand, arm and shoulder massage. 75 minutes $99


Deep Cleansing Facial

Extra focus is given to target impacted pores by removing comedones (blackheads) and milia (whiteheads) and soothing irritated skin. This facial includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, warm towels, and customized masks. An acupressure facial massage increases the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, drawing toxins away from the surface. Includes hand, arm and shoulder massage.

60 minutes $95​

Revitalizing Facial

Improve the appearance and health of the skin with a customized facial to meet your skin's needs. Exfoliation and hydration are key to renewing dry, dull, or neglected skin. A great facial for all skin types and is also an excellent facial following an illness or prolonged allergies.  The Skin Perfecter purges pores of impurities and removes discarded skin cells from the surface. This facial includes a relaxing facial massage, hand, arm, and shoulder massage and cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, warm towels, and customized masks.  60 minutes $90

More options are available directly on the booking site.

results oriented facial
Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Facial Enhancements For Eyes

Green Tea Eye Treatment 25

Collagen Peptide Treatment 18

Hydrating Eye Treatment 15

Brow Wax 20

Colorful Leaf

Facial Enhancements

Light Therapy 20

Lavender Scalp Massage 25

Microcurrent 40

Rose Gold Beauty Treatment 20

Plumeria Flower

Zen Back Facial 130

Decollette Firm & Brighten 20

Sakura Facial Therapy & Massage 110

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