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Bargain Shopping for Skincare Products

Online shopping is so convenient and most of us have purchased something from Amazon or Ebay. We all love a good deal but there are risks associated with making purchases from an unauthorized skincare dealer. At Cherry Blossoms Spa we take pride in how we care for our clients and we do not compromise on your health and safety. We purchase in small batches for maximum expiration dates and we even run the heater and air conditioner when we are closed to keep our products at a safe temperature. We use professional products from trusted sources and often our products arrive with cool packs in the box to ensure their freshness.

Amazon offers a great service but the products are sourced from many, many places. In the skincare industry, companies will offer to buy back another company’s products if we agree to make a purchase from them. This product may have improperly stored on multiple occasions, meaning exposed to heat, cold or even rodents and then shipped to a large chain to be resold at stores that offer reduced prices. Eventually they make it to an online store where you will get free shipping. This article by New Beauty shares more information about online purchases. https://www.newbeauty.com/blog/dailybeauty/12266-fake-beauty-products-amazon/

Is your product a fake? Stings have been set up to catch people selling imitation skincare and cosmetics. Este Lauder has an investigation division for their Mac product line. I’ll include an article link here to read more. https://www.allure.com/story/counterfeit-beauty-products

Not only are people being taken advantage of, there can be serious health dangers associated with buying products online. The effectiveness can be enhanced or decreased causing serious consequences. Many products arrive with boxes that have no English translation for using the products. Here is another article on this. https://www.health.com/mind-body/amazon-buy-counterfeit-dangerous-makeup-sunscreen

Just a quick note on do it yourself peels. Peels are not fool proof and you need an expert to ensure that your skin type and you peel product are compatible. If you have ever had a peel, you know that we ask a lot of questions to be sure that the peel is okay for you and your specific needs, the medicines you take, the allergies you have and how long you need to be off certain products. We insist on professional home care so that you don’t have a reaction from combining the wrong chemicals. We insist you stay out of the sun so you don’t do more damage after a peel and we are here if anything does happen to help you through the process to optimize results. You need a partner who is trained and prepared to be your skin care coach.

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