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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Smooth skin, fluttering, long lashes, shapely, full brows and gorgeous eye makeup are all important steps to make the most of your eyes.

Extra emphasis should be given to treating the skin around our eyes, especially since it is so much more delicate than the rest of our facial skin. One of our favorite treatments for this area is our “Wrinkle Corrector” by Le Mieux. It is particularly helpful in the fight against fine lines and crepey skin.

If your eyelashes are sparse and short we have the perfect solution for that too. It is called NeuLASH. This formula will help you grow shiny, luxurious, longer-looking lashes in approximately 30 days. It is even suitable for contact lens wearers. You can further enhance the look of your lashes by getting them tinted.

Some of you have good lashes, but are tired of the tedious, time consuming and sometimes painful task of curling your lashes every morning. And as we age our eyes tend to droop at the outer edges. Curled lashes really make this issue less obvious. Try our new LashLift procedure, an in-office treatment which is similar to a perm for your lashes. It lasts 6-8 weeks and takes about an hour. In February we are showing how much we appreciate our clients by giving you a free lash tint with the purchase of the LashLift.

Now to your brows: They should be shaped to compliment your face shape and proportions and full. We have everything you need to make this happen. This includes tinting and waxing, as well as NeuBROW to fill in those sparse areas with our brow growth serum.

Last, but not least, the right eye make-up can make your eyes alluring and sultry, but it can be quite overwhelming with endless choices. Mark the date for February’s Spa Advisor Day, here at the spa. It is on February 22 and by appointment only. On this day we will perfect your look with customized makeup recommendations and application demonstrations. The consultation fee is $15, and it will be counted toward any purchase made that day. Come join us in February and let your eyes do all the talking!

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